Apiculture - General

No bees, no honey (Video)

Author: IPMS
Year of Publishing: 2009
Keywords: bee, honey, beehive management, Bure, Amhara

Establishment of Apiculture data base in Ethiopia: honey and beeswax value chain of BOAM programme

Author: Ayalew Kassaye
Year of Publishing: 2008
Keywords: Apiculture,honey processing,beeswax,value chain

The main aim of this piece of work is to establish a true apiculture resource data base in Ethiopia with special attention on written documents, on teaching manuals, and on some literatures reviews done in research, production, processing, marketing, and on tools and equipment locally made, on lists of processors, manufacturers, and importers and suppliers organized in Ethiopia.

Strategic Plan for Apiculture Development in Amhara (2004-2013 E.C)

Author: Tilahun Gebey and Kerealem Ejegu
Year of Publishing: 2011
Keywords: Apiculture, honey, beeswax, apiculture development strategy, Amhara


Apiculture- A synthesis of IPMS value chain development expereinces

Author: IPMS
Year of Publishing: 2011
Keywords: <p> Apiculture, honey, bee, modern beehive, value chain, IPMS</p>


IPMS introduced a participatory and market oriented commodity value chain development approach to help boost production and productivity of smallholder farmers. Apiculture was one of the intervention areas of the project. This article is a synthesis of the project experience in the apiculture value chain development.  

Ethiopian Journal of Animal Science Volume 6 Number1

Author: ESAP
Year of Publishing: 2006


The Ethiopian Journal of Animal Production is a peer reviewed journal publishing original basic and applied research articles, short communications, technical notes, and review articles dealing with livestock and livestock related issues. Although the journal focuses on livestock production in Ethiopia, papers from similar agro-ecological regions of the world are welcomed.



During the rule of King Ezana in the third century AD, apiculture was already known in Ethiopia. Honey was harvested by hunter gatherers who collected it from bees living in the forests. Over time the hunter gatherers started using local hives to encourage the bee colonies to produce their honey in them. The advantage of the introduction of this technology was easier access to the honey and an increase in the harvested amount of honey/colony. Honey was thus produced over from one generation to the next, with little or no external expertise/knowledge.