Technology Package and best practice guide for rain fed cereal production- Wheat

Author: MoA
Year of Publishing: 2010
Keywords: Wheat production, good practices in wheat


Grain Marketing Policy Changes and Spatial Efficiency of Maize and Wheat markets in Ethiopia

Author: John Pender, Ruerd Ruben, Mohammad Jabbar and Eleni Gabre-Madhin
Year of Publishing: 2003
Keywords: Grain marketing policy, extended parity bounds model,


This paper analyze the effect of grain marketing policy changes on spatial efficiency of maize and wheat markets in Ethiopia by the use of n extended parity bounds model (EPBM). The results show that the effect of policy changes on spatial market efficiency is not significant statistically in many cases; there is high probability of spatial inefficiency in maize and wheat markets before and after the policy changes. 

Wheat Production and Research in Ethiopia

Author: Hailu Gebre-Mariam
Year of Publishing: 2003
Keywords: Wheat production trends, wheat research in Ethiopia


This short article briefly reviews wheat production trends, regional distribution, the agro ecological environment of wheat production, a historical sketch of wheat research in Ethiopia, and the current wheat research organization 

An Agro-Climatological Characterization of Bread Wheat Production Areas in Ethiopia

Author: Jeffrey W. White,Douglas G. Tanner,John D. Corbett
Year of Publishing: 2001
Keywords: Wheat production, climate, climatological characteristics,


This report describes a GIS-based assessment of the distribution of wheat production in Ethiopia, with emphasis on climate factors limiting the potential wheat area and using mainly agro-climatological characteristics obtained from interpolated climate data contained in the Ethiopian Country Almanac.

This document is linked from CIMMYT website

Farmers' Post-Harvest Grain Management Choices under Liquidity Constraints and Impending Risks: implications for achieving food

Author: Abebe H. Gabriel, Bekele Hundie
Year of Publishing: 2010
Keywords: Post harvest, grain, management techniques, marketing behaviors


Wheat Development and Marketing Plan for 1996 EC

Author: MoARD
Year of Publishing: 2004
Keywords: <p> wheat,seed quality,marketing, input suppliers, cooperatives</p>

FAO's Basic statistics on wheat in Ethiopia

Author: FAO
Year of Publishing: 0
Keywords: Wheat statistics,FAO

An overview of tef and durum wheat production in Ethiopia

Author: Teklu Tesfaye
Year of Publishing: 2011
Keywords: Tef, durum wheat,

A short overview of tef and durum wheat, their method of production, economic and nutritional importance in the country. (124kb,15pp)