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Improved Technology Package for Faba Bean MoARD2007Faba bean,improved technologies, Download
Manual on Lentil ProductionEIAR0Lentil Download
Faba bean Marketing and Development PlanMoARD2003Faba bean marketing, Download
Manual on Faba bean ProductionEIAR2011Faba bena production Download
Manual on Field peas production EIAR0Field peas Download
Towards Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development in the Ethiopian HighlandsAlemneh Dejene, Gete Zeleke, Solomon Abate, Mekonnen Lule 2003Sustainable agriculture,livelihoods,agroforestry, Download
Fostering New Development Pathways: Harnessing Rural-Urban Linkages (RUL) to Reduce Poverty and Improve Environment in the HighlGete Zeleke, Peter Trutmann, Aster Denekew2007Rural-urban linkages, Download
Farmer Group OrganizationDFID0Group marketing,leadershipDownload
Farmer Group MarketingDFID0Group marketingDownload
Market Information DFID0 Market,information Download