Participatory varietal evaluation and farmer based seed production: a sustainable approach to garlic seed delivery in Atsbi

Author: Teweldebrhan, T.G.
Year of Publishing: 2009
Keywords: seed production, garlic seed, participatory, Atsbi

This thesis work provides certain information on the agronomic performance of improved garlic varieties and approaches in garlic seed production. 

Investment Opportunity Profille for Spice Processing In Ethiopia

Author: Ethiopian Privatization Agency
Year of Publishing: 2010
Keywords: <p> spice, ginger, pepper, garlic</p>

This document highlights the favourable agro-climatic conditions to grow different varieties of spices, the availability of abundant and relatively cheap labour force, the growing world demand for spices, and the conducive investment climate existing in the Country that creates attractive conditions for investing in spice extraction plants.